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Companies and developers all over the world rely on Philippe to stay up to speed on security best practices. These courses make Philippe's unique content available to everyone.

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Hi, I am Philippe. I help developers protect companies through better application security.

My Ph.D. in web security gives me a unique perspective into the modern application security landscape. My deep understanding of the current security landscape allows me to translate complex security into practical guidelines for developers.

My courses go way beyond illustrating textbook examples of attacks and defenses. They will help you understand why a problem exists and how mitigation techniques work. With that knowledge, you will be able to identify vulnerabilities in your applications and make the right trade-offs when selecting and implementing defenses.

World-leading tech companies, financial institutions, and healthcare companies rely on me to keep their developers up- to-date with the latest security practices, and so can you.

I look forward to teaching you.

Trusted by security professionals

Jim Manico

CEO at Manicode Security

Dr. Philippe De Ryck is a stellar secure coding instructor. He brings an immense body of web security knowledge to the classroom when teaching his various class offerings. His style is both focused yet inviting which encourages students to participate in class. It's rare to find professionals who have both the technical ability and presentation skills it takes to be a successful instructor. Dr. Philippe De Ryck has both and more in spades!

Thomas Konrad

Organizer of the sec4dev conference

Philippe delivers high-quality, to-the-point and up-to-date trainings about web security. We had him twice at our conference and got only very positive feedback. Do you consider booking him for a training? That's an easy decision: Do it.

Training participant

Software engineer at a Fortune 500 company

The Advanced Application Security training was amazing! I would definitely take any class taught by Philippe again. He was the best instructor I’ve ever had (including a $5000 CISSP boot camp led by ISC2). All the topics were extremely relevant, educational, and the hands-on labs were beneficial to put all the material we covered in class to practice. Excellent work!

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